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Devin Local Agency is a leading provider of IoT solutions, connecting businesses for a digital experience. Our top-tier IoT app development teams deliver high-quality, cost-effective solutions for all IoT industries.

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IOT Development Services

Custom IoT Solutions for Startups and Enterprises

Mobile Apps for IoT Devices

We enhance productivity, bolster security, and enable powerful predictions with our IoT-driven enterprise mobility solutions. Specializing in iOS, Android, and cross-platform development, we ensure agile, tailored responses for your business needs.

IoT Cloud Integration

We specialize in secure cloud services, offering processing, commanding, and analytics. Our experts excel in data collection, transmission, storage, and application integration, ensuring flexible, on-demand access to computing resources.

IoT Firmware Integration

Devin Local Agency has experience in connecting your applications to IoT devices and sensors, allowing you to gather, process, and leverage real-time data for improved decision-making and automation.

IoT Consultancy

Devin Local Agency redefine the school internal process using IoT solution to bring multi-platform campus automation. Our team can build high-tech suite of automated tools to streamline school management, communication and ensure engaging learning.

IoT Gateway Development

Enhance communication gateways under the Devin Local Agency brand, integrating advanced IoT features for seamless device-to-device or device-to-cloud communication, and optimize customer interactions through data preprocessing.

IoT Security Services

We have lots of experience with server less API Gateways. We make fast, secure solutions for companies. We use AWS and Azure. We make APIs that fit your systems well. Work with us!

IoT Platform Development

Devin Local Agency can develop and integrate APIs compliant with healthcare standards, facilitating secure exchange of medical data, telemedicine, and health monitoring features.

IoT Application Development

We specialize in integrating financial and payment APIs for secure online transactions, digital wallets, and financial data integration.

Custom IoT Product Development

We develop custom IoT software that interacts with smart IoT devices and ensures that software supports the hardware functionality seamlessly.

CRM API integration

Streamline data with a CRM API, managing leads from Gmail or Outlook for efficient email marketing. Sync calendars, social media, surveys, and communication platforms seamlessly.

Edge Computing

We execute edge computing on IoT devices instead of traditional cloud computing to ensure lower latency rates and quicker data offloading time.

IoT Dashboards

We help clients configure IoT devices, analyze sensor data via BI tools, manage IoT systems remotely and onsite and display it via responsive dashboards.

Customized IoT Solutions: Revolutionizing Your Business with Enhanced Connectivity

In today’s world, businesses across various industries are connecting their equipment and sensors to the internet to enhance customer experiences, cut energy usage, boost productivity, and explore new revenue streams. Devin Local Agency is a top-notch IoT development company, well-known in the USA, India, Noida, Dehradun, and Chandigarh. With rich experience and expertise in embedded technologies, Cloud services, and hardware components, we work closely with chip suppliers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and sensor manufacturers to meet your M2M and IoT needs. Our practical experience in designing sensor devices and creating tracking systems for diverse businesses allows us to provide you with game-changing solutions.

Industries We Serve In

From startups to enterprises, we’ve gained vast experience in delivering innovative digital solutions for a wide range of clients across multiple industries.

On-Demand Solutions

Devin Local Agency excels in IoT app development, custom web, full-stack, e-commerce solutions, and mobile-friendly development. Expertise includes open-source integration and on-demand solutions like service marketplaces, food delivery, and ride-sharing.


Devin Local Agency expands with IoT app development for Restaurant Technology. Offering menu-based, reservation systems, online ordering, promotions, and food blog websites, optimizing customer engagement, delivery, table bookings, and showcasing specialties.


Devin Local Agency: IoT experts in Entertainment Tech. Crafting engaging websites with interactive content, event listings, and news updates. Stay ahead with our custom solutions for the dynamic entertainment market.


Devin Local Agency crafts tailored IoT solutions for travel businesses. Elevate your online presence with bespoke websites, intuitive booking systems, and compelling content. Let’s collaborate for an exceptional travel experience.


Devin Local Agency crafts bespoke event websites and IoT apps for travel tech. We design Event Management Platforms, Listing Sites, Networking Platforms, and more, tailored to your business objectives.


Devin Local Agency crafts top-tier IoT applications for E-commerce, ensuring user-centric design, scalability, and robust security. From single-vendor setups to complex marketplaces, we optimize for seamless digital commerce experiences.


Devin Local Agency specializes in IoT development, SaaS technology, website design, MVP development, and app architecture. Our solutions encompass time-tracking, task management, remote collaboration, expense management, healthcare SaaS, and LMS apps, prioritizing cutting-edge tech and monetization efficiency.


Devin Local Agency: Specializing in IoT app development and user-friendly websites for healthcare. Enhance patient care and communication. Join us in improving healthcare accessibility through effective IoT integration.


Devin Local Agency crafts user-friendly websites for Fitness Tech, serving gyms, yoga studios, and meditation centers. Tailored for personal training, supplements, and retreats, we ensure your online presence captivates and engages your audience.


Unlock your financial potential with Devin Local Agency’s tailored finance solutions, including IoT app development. Services cover website creation, financial consulting, hedge funds, and community banks. Contact our experts today.


Devin Local Agency specializes in crafting custom political websites, offering comprehensive platforms with campaign information, candidate profiles, donation opportunities, and volunteer sign-up options, crucial for modern campaign success.

Social Networking

Devin Local Agency crafts cutting-edge IoT applications for social networking giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Tailored solutions for your dynamic needs in the ever-evolving landscape of social technology.

Real Estate

Devin Local Agency: Your one-stop for real estate solutions. With IoT applications, we optimize property management and connectivity. Find listings, expert agents, and valuable info for your property journey. Start right here!


Devin Local Agency specializes in tailored website development for education, offering IoT app development and expertise in language learning, quizzes, tutoring, exams, AR-based learning, school bus tracking, student performance tracking, and career guidance.


Devin Local Agency crafts IoT apps and cutting-edge solutions for news aficionados. Our intuitive platforms offer seamless browsing of the latest headlines via News Aggregators and in-depth exploration of diverse sources through News Resources websites. Stay informed anytime, anywhere.


Devin Local Agency offers bespoke Website Development Solutions for the logistics sector, featuring IoT application development. Our suite ensures streamlined warehouse management, order handling, and real-time shipment tracking with tools like Logistics Mobile and Shiprocket.


Devin Local Agency crafts dynamic agricultural websites and IoT applications like GPS Tracking, Crop Insurance, and Farm Management. Our focus is on simplifying farming, boosting yields, and optimizing operations.

IOT Solution

Devin Local Agency crafts intuitive, secure, scalable IoT applications for healthcare, retail, security, farming, and smart cities. Our team ensures seamless integration with IoT devices, enhancing operational efficiency and data-driven decision-making.

Top-Notch Business Solution Provider

At Devin Local Agency, we offer customized solutions for startups, small businesses, large enterprises, and nonprofits to meet their different needs.


We collaborate with startups to develop their first product or Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Our team aids startups in transforming their concepts into reality and expanding their business in line with market trends and customer behavior.


We support small and medium-sized businesses by providing tailor-made software solutions. These solutions include tools like enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and other applications to handle complex challenges.


We support big companies across various industries by automating their processes, providing supply chain solutions, and introducing new technology tools. Our solutions have made complex organizational setups easier to manage.


We assist Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in various sectors with process automation, supply chain solutions, and other cutting-edge tech tools. Our solutions have simplified intricate organizational structures for NGOs.

Why Devin Local Agency is a reliable partner

At Devin Local Agency, we have different ways of hiring that we offer to our clients. These ways are designed to fit the different needs of our many clients.


Top Tech Talent

From concept to completion, our expert team handles every aspect of your project. With senior UI/UX designers, JS developers, QA engineers, and graphic artists, we ensure your satisfaction.


Effective communication

At Devin Local Agency, we value communicatio vital role in project success. We optimize team and client interactions, using top tools and adjusting meetings to client time zones.


Commitment to top quality

Devin Local Agency , a premier mobile web development company, thrives on a commitment to top quality, securing enduring partnerships with leading brands through exceptional results.


Cost-Effective Solutions

We provide cost-effective services without compromising on quality, offering competitive pricing models that align with your budgetary needs..


Scalability and Flexibility

We adapt to your evolving needs, offering scalable solutions and flexibility in project adjustments to accommodate changes or expansions.


24/7 Support

Our dedication extends beyond project completion, offering ongoing support and maintenance to guarantee smooth operations and peace of mind for our clients.

Exploring Success Stories

Devin Local Agency is a custom software and web development company that has a proven strategy of working with mobile and web apps.

Our Development Process

We create a higher level of reliability in our solutions. While you focus on your core business process, we strengthen your services.

Identify Requirements

Gather detailed requirements from stakeholders regarding the functionality and purpose of the API.

Design API Specifications

Create a comprehensive design for the API, including endpoints, data formats, authentication methods, and error handling.

Develop Prototype

Build a prototype version of the API to test its basic functionality and gather feedback from stakeholders.

Refine Design

Based on feedback and testing results, refine the API design to ensure it meets the requirements effectively.

Implement API

Develop the API according to the finalized design, following best practices and coding standards.

Test API

Conduct thorough testing of the API to identify and fix any bugs or issues, including unit tests, integration tests, and end-to-end tests.

Document API

Create comprehensive documentation for the API, including usage instructions, sample requests and responses, and troubleshooting tips.

Deploy API

Deploy the API to the production environment, ensuring proper configuration and monitoring to ensure stability and performance.

Accelerate your product’s scalability with IoT solutions.

We are located in Hyattsville, Maryland. Being close to your team allows us to offer real-time support and seamless collaboration with our highly expert team.

Our Hiring Models

At Devin Local Agency, we offer various hiring methods designed to meet our clients’ different needs.

Short Term Projects

For one-time tasks that need specialist skills, we've got you covered. Whether it's a quick fix or a small project, our developers are here to help.

Hourly Projects

Want to grow your business with a talented team? Our hourly model lets you access skilled professionals whenever you need them, without committing to a long-term contract.

Long Term Projects

If you're working on something big, we can provide a dedicated expert to be part of your team. Our long-term setup means you get consistent support over an extended period.

Clients' Experiences

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Frequently Asked Question's

Explore our processes and operations through these frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Software Outsourcing Services

We are always ready to sign a confidential agreement with our clients to respect and protect their privacy.
We accept payments via wire transfer and PayPal.
We use project management tools like Basecamp, JIRA, and Trello to provide you daily/weekly updates or as per milestones agreed.
Yes. Our developers possess strong communication skills and can converse in English fluently.
We go through a carefully planned consulting process where our analyst understands your requirements and ensures that the final look of the project is in line with your vision.
Sometimes, the best option is to speak with somebody who has expertise in this area. Our consultants will address all your doubts and provide precise suggestions that are budget-friendly and tailored to your requirements.

Discuss your requirements with experts before making any investment decisions.