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Devin Local Agency is the leading software development agency in Canada, India, and Nigeria. We drive digitization for your business with our digital solutions.

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Customized solutions, robust and tailored to fit your needs.

Devin Local Agency specializes in custom outsourcing software development services for businesses of all sizes and industries. We work closely with our clients to comprehend their distinct business goals, unique needs, target audience, and challenges, tailoring the perfect end product.

As a Software Development Outsourcing Company, our priority is to craft and provide customized solutions that meet industry standards and seamlessly align with your needs. We emphasize clear communication and ensure on-time delivery as your reliable outsourcing partner.

Our IT Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing software development to Canada, India, and Nigeria offers high-quality services at competitive rates. Our team can guide you through the entire process, from planning to creating innovative features.

Software Consulting Outsourcing

We provide complete software consultancy services. Rely on our experts for software concerns, evaluations, tech integration, and business tech solutions.

Custom Software Outsourcing

We assist in creating personalized software that complements your business processes. Outsource your IT project to India, where we'll build your software from the ground up, tailored to your requirements.

Website Development Outsourcing

Outsource your website development to a leading IT company in India for a scalable and secure platform that drives business growth.

Resource as a Service

We provide dedicated programmers for offshore software outsourcing. Take advantage of our flexible hiring model to suit your needs.

Software QA & Testing Outsourcing

Our Quality Assurance (QA) team works hand-in-hand with developers to ensure the software meets all requirements and satisfies user expectations. They do this by identifying errors and glitches.

Software Maintenance Outsourcing

Our support team will help you with software maintenance using the latest technologies. They resolve issues in real-time and enhance your software for users.

Technologies We Specialize In

Why Devin Local Agency is a reliable partner

At Devin Local Agency, we have different ways of hiring that we offer to our clients. These ways are designed to fit the different needs of our many clients.


Top Tech Talent

From concept to completion, our expert team handles every aspect of your project. With senior UI/UX designers, JS developers, QA engineers, and graphic artists, we ensure your satisfaction.


Effective communication

At Devin Local Agency, we value communication vital role in project success. We optimize team and client interactions, using top tools and adjusting meetings to client time zones.


Commitment to top quality

Devin Local Agency , a premier mobile web development company, thrives on a commitment to top quality, securing enduring partnerships with leading brands through exceptional results.


Cost-Effective Solutions

We provide cost-effective services without compromising on quality, offering competitive pricing models that align with your budgetary needs..


Scalability and Flexibility

We adapt to your evolving needs, offering scalable solutions and flexibility in project adjustments to accommodate changes or expansions.


24/7 Support

Our dedication extends beyond project completion, offering ongoing support and maintenance to guarantee smooth operations and peace of mind for our clients.

Exploring Success Stories

Devin Local Agency is a custom software and web development company that has a proven strategy of working with mobile and web apps.

Our Development Process

We ensure our solutions are highly reliable, allowing you to focus on your core business processes while we enhance your services.


The process starts with us understanding your needs, then we work closely with you and our project manager to set project goals, decide what features are needed, and lay out the project plan.

Project Planning

Devin Local Agency will create a detailed plan for your project, which will include what needs to be done, when it will be done, and who will do it. This plan will be like a map, guiding us through the entire development process.

Project Team Formation

Devin Local Agency provides a dedicated team of skilled professionals for your project, including project managers, developers, testers, and more.

Design And Project Architecture

The development team is responsible for creating the software's design and architecture. This involves determining the system's structure, components, modules, and data flow.


During this stage, our development team writes and builds the software code, making sure to meet all specified requirements and design aspects, ensuring that the software solution is exactly what you need.

communication & collaboration

In Devin Local Agency, we understand how important it is to keep communication smooth during our project development process. Regular updates and meetings help us stay in line with what our clients need, making sure our projects are successful and on track.


Devin Local Agency's testing team conducts thorough testing to find and fix any bugs, errors, or issues in the software. This includes testing for functionality, performance, security, and more.


Devin Local Agency offers free ongoing maintenance and support for any client-requested updates, improvements, or fixes for the software deployed within six months.

Top-Notch Business Solution Provider

At Devin Local Agency, we offer customized solutions for startups, small businesses, large enterprises, and nonprofits to meet their different needs.


We collaborate with startups to develop their first product or Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Our team aids startups in transforming their concepts into reality and expanding their business in line with market trends and customer behavior.


We support small and medium-sized businesses by providing tailor-made software solutions. These solutions include tools like enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and other applications to handle complex challenges.


We support big companies across various industries by automating their processes, providing supply chain solutions, and introducing new technology tools. Our solutions have made complex organizational setups easier to manage.


We assist Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in various sectors with process automation, supply chain solutions, and other cutting-edge tech tools. Our solutions have simplified intricate organizational structures for NGOs.

Industries We Serve In

From startups to enterprises, we’ve gained vast experience in delivering innovative digital solutions for a wide range of clients across multiple industries.

On-Demand Solutions

Specializing in on-demand applications, we leverage cutting-edge technology to tailor custom solutions that meet your industry-specific requirements.


We specialize in custom web solutions, leveraging AI, IoT, and blockchain to simplify food ordering and delivery, all tailored to address your unique needs.


Devin Local Agency specializes in crafting advanced solutions for the entertainment sector, elevating streaming services, television, music, and video companies.


We create innovative technology solutions for the travel sector with original concepts that make travel alluring, hassle-free, and safe.


Our team develops event management software, empowering users to seamlessly manage their events from anywhere, in real-time, on-the-go.


We create immersive tech solutions for the eCommerce industry, enhancing digital experiences and raising brand engagement for their customers.


We specialize in website development solutions driven by data, helping SaaS providers tackle common challenges in on-demand delivery and achieve their goals.


We understand the benefits of digitizing healthcare and help organizations realize them, ensuring critical compliance like HIPAA.


With 5+ years of experience in wellness tech, we exceed expectations and contribute to wellness with groundbreaking ideas.


We harness the momentum of digitalization in the financial services industry by developing secure payment gateways, & other applications that comply with PCI-DSS standards.


As governments worldwide increasingly leverage technology for efficient governance, we specialize in developing apps and software solutions to enhance administrative oversight.

Social Networking

Devin Local Agency develops standout, user-friendly social media apps, such as voice-enabled platforms, through innovative engineering solutions.

Real Estate

Real estate is rapidly embracing digitalization. We specialize in software development, incorporating drones into construction, streamlining supply chains, and forecasting demand in the industry.


We specialize in creating top-tier eLearning/Education solutions that offer tremendous value to edutech entrepreneurs. Our reputation is built on developing numerous successful products in this field.


The news industry, vital to democracy, is demanding. Our use of the latest technology has helped us deliver seamless and engaging news apps for clients.


At Devin Local Agency, we create advanced software for the logistics sector, which includes predictive analytics driven by AI and machine learning. This enables companies to cater to their customers worldwide.


We offer a suite of tailored agricultural software solutions, including farm & livestock management, food safety, compliance, accounting, and more. Each solution is designed to optimize farming operations, ensuring efficiency, scalability, & compliance with industry standards.

IOT Solution

We create advanced software for the IoT solution industry, such as supply chain software equipped with AI and ML-driven predictive analytics. This helps businesses serve their global customers more effectively.

Nearshore Software Outsourcing

We are located in Hyattsville, Maryland. Overall, by being close to your team, we provide real-time support and  seamless collaboration with highly skilled engineers.

Our Hiring Models

At Devin Local Agency, we offer various hiring methods designed to meet our clients’ different needs.

Short Term Projects

For one-time tasks that need specialist skills, we've got you covered. Whether it's a quick fix or a small project, our developers are here to help.

Hourly Projects

Want to grow your business with a talented team? Our hourly model lets you access skilled professionals whenever you need them, without committing to a long-term contract.

Long Term Projects

If you're working on something big, we can provide a dedicated expert to be part of your team. Our long-term setup means you get consistent support over an extended period.

Clients' Experiences

Ready to work with the Top 1% IT Talent of the market and access a world-class Software and web Development Team?

Frequently Asked Question's

Explore our processes and operations through these frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Software Outsourcing Services

We are always ready to sign a confidential agreement with our clients to respect and protect their privacy.
We accept payments via wire transfer and PayPal.
We use project management tools like Basecamp, JIRA, and Trello to provide you daily/weekly updates or as per milestones agreed.
Yes. Our developers possess strong communication skills and can converse in English fluently.
We go through a carefully planned consulting process where our analyst understands your requirements and ensures that the final look of the project is in line with your vision.
Sometimes, the best option is to speak with somebody who has expertise in this area. Our consultants will address all your doubts and provide precise suggestions that are budget-friendly and tailored to your requirements.

Discuss your requirements with experts before making any investment decisions.